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The Peltier Fridge
  • Hi, I have launched an Open Source Peltier Fridge Project. My half-fridge sized prototype is available now:


    Please check it out:


    I am raising funds to:

    -Build 2 prototypes, Half-fridge & Full-fridge

    -Launch a Website Resource for Open Source Home Appliances


    I welcome collaborators!  Please E-mail me with your skills:


    Look forward to the launch of my campaign.  Please contribute if you can.




    Design Animation:


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    February 2013
    Hello, you project sounds very interesting. I think the idea of Open Source Home Appliances website is very much needed.

    I have some questions, though.

    <> I have a Kenmore fridge from Sears. How is a Peltier Fridge different? (I think explaining this in your Indigogo video could help reach a wider audience)
    <> What type of wood do you plan to use, composite board ?
    <> Are there concerns about moisture (and spills) affecting the wood structure?
    <> Why do you not use screws? How is the box assembled?

    Thanks and good luck!

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    February 2013
    The thermo diode idea is interesting. Coolatron makes one. The question is how much more efficient is yours. When its 100 degrees out these type of frig's work on a differential of maybe 35 degree's so that would mean warm milk. This might be a hit with the off grid and RV crowd. If the efficiency and cost is low.
    I've also heard of truckers putting peltier diodes on their exhaust system and doing away with their alternator and getting a fuel savings.

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