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Replication of OSE in Sudan
  • Dear All 

    we are a group engineers graduated in Khartoum University and we want to start replication for OSE in Sudan. 

    Sudan is one of the biggest countries in Africa, with almost biggest Agricultural industry in the whole continent 

    Agriculture in Sudan is very active in rainy season. And most of the areas is not irrigated by dams or bumps from river Nile, if we exclude Gazeera Project, and small areas around the river Nile 

    For Agriculture by rain, the machinery is very important, become areas are large and need to be prepared is limited time, immediately before the rainy session. because of the high cost of tractors and machinery, thousands of arcs left every year uncultivated and unimproved, while the price of food, wheat, cereal is rising up every year. 

    We are planing to start our project by initiating a workshop for training and manufacturing OSE machines. We plan to learn small farmers how to build LifeTrac  and other machines, beside building machines with low cost for sales  

    we are now looking for grant to start as Social Entrepreneurs, and technical help for build our workshop and first models 

    We appreciated any kind of help and support from participators in the form and founders of OSE,and for sure we are looking for volunteers in Sudan, who can contribute with us  


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