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How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally
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  • haha! that's awesome! Never heard of brushing your teeth with soap before!!
  • I went to a supermarket here in Brazil to buy a coconut soap, but after taking a look at the ingredients, I gave up the idea of buying it.

    Maybe it's better to make your own coconut soap and use it. Maybe Paolo (@pignol23) can give us a recipe...
  • Coconut oil soap is easy to make - actually any soap is easy to make by the cold process, if you're patient. You need a measured amount of fresh caustic soda - the amount depending on the quantity and type of oil you need to saponify. You make up a caustic soda solution of a certain strength (specified in books on the subject) and stir it into the oil. And wait. When the soap is completely set (takes a couple of hours), you drain off the liquid, which contains glycerin which you might have a use for. I've made a couple of batches of coconut oil soap here (Philippines), and one batch of olive oil soap (Marseilles soap) when I was in Europe. Nothing to it.
  • top link is empty now. So, I added something about this subject  - but I have to say - I'm not an expert in this matter.
  • This is crank science. Somebody please put a stop to this.

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