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A company with an agriculture sustainablilty plan Cool Planet Biofuels
  • Compadres of the green movement and members of the OSE project, This is wonderful news. Somehow Cool Planet Bio Fuels ( has received investment from the big energy corporations such as General Electric, Google Ventures, BP, ConocoPhillips, NRG and the Constellation Energy division of Exelon. Most of us wouldn't imagine that they would invest to support companies who are making carbon negative fuels from non food energy crops. This technology, unlike the expensive oil drilling industry, isnt too difficult to replicate and encourages many other companies to get in on the profits from growing energy crops for clean fuels and soil amendment. Cool Planet Biofuels claims that they have a sustainability plan, that if put in place,  could reverse humanity's out of control releasing of carbon positive emissions into the atmosphere affecting runaway global environmental changes. They also claim that 100 million people could be lifted from poverty through the widespread application their bio char which transforms un-arable land into fertile cultivation lands.  By applying this powerful bio char by product from their process,  a carbon reduction of 150% is achieved as decaying plant matter is captured as a carbon sink remaining in the soil to feed new plant growth for hundreds or even more than one thousand years. The ancients called this Terra Preta meaning black earth made from the charcoaling process of heating biomass in the absence of oxygen. The company has only been up and running since 2009 but they are rapidly bringing their green synthetic gasoline to market claiming to compete with petroleum oil at 50 dollars a barrel with out any government subsidy.

    Please review these three quick videos which will describe what they are up to. Im very encouraged that this carbon negative bio fuels can and will enable advance civilization to continue on Planet Earth if we support and demand that companies like Cool Planet biofuels have fair market competition as all other eco friendly business deserve.
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  • Very interesting work. I'm looking forward to the time when you post your full production plan under an open source license so the people can start implementing your findings. What is your response to some of the concerns addressed in Growing Risk about the invasive potential of bio-energy feedstocks? Have these strains been genetically engineered and patented? 



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