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Who needs skin?!
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    November 2012

    I've seen BMW do this concept without a metal body but instead a steel skeletal frame underneath. Now this could saved a huge amount of weight and with carefull planning of the skeletal frame the same strength.

    Any one want to chat? :L

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    I haven't seen it but I'd expect that it would still be very much design for the technical requirements of Empire, that is, the establishment of a design idiom identified as historically inevitable and which is best achieved using that particular suite of techniques that are (or would be) most favourable to established large industrial entities to the specific detriment to any alternative. That is very much in the exclusionistic character of BMW. Have you a link?

    The simplest fabricated ladder frame would suffice given a system of suspension designed around free articulation in warp. That would be a much more effective "mudball" than any skeletal frame which a stigmergic responsor is likely to want to take an angle grinder to first.

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