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sustainable financial/economic/governance systems
  • Vote Up0Vote Down November 2012
    Hello Factor e Farm. I would like to introduce myself and my work. I am the author of "Creating Sustainable Societies: The Rebirth of Democracy and Local Economies," and founder of the Principled Societies Project. The Principled Societies Project is a science-based effort to design and test pioneering systems of finance, economics, and governance that improve well-being and speed the transition to a sustainable society. The goal is to create fully functional, metro-scale pilot trials in which the impacts of new systems can be assessed.

    I invite you to read the book, it is available as a free PDF on our website. We both share an interest in creating new systems, and perhaps there will be information in my book that will be useful to you. The address is:

    Best wishes,
    John Boik
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    November 2012
    Hi John, looks like we are on the same page, at least somewhat. If you
    can find the time, please look into this two threads of this board:

    I have downloaded your book and will comment on it as soon as I've read it.
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    November 2012
    I am also reading it with great interest. Would like to see a version in Spanish since I am living in Costa Rica and a document like this could be a great way to start a serious conversation.

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