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Solar cell desktop manufacturing factory
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    October 2012

    Got a email thru the local buy sell website where I get my business that boot strap funds my invention projects.

    They sent me a dxf file and asked for some welding so I quoted them 22 dollars in local money for the part. It is a pretty simple thing, just a circle, some holes and a lip welded on.

    I thought they were doing some sort of shrimp cooker. Turns out it is the desktop solar cell factory guys. Talk about serendipity. They are just up the road from me here. Will be visiting their lab next week to meet them and maybe get some collaboration going.

    I had read about this project awhile back, but could not find much information about it other than a couple tech articles that were rather vague.

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    October 2012
    What a wonderful coincidence! I hope you do collaborate and look forward to hearing more.
  • very neat! 
  • Well the solar panel lab is now closed. Alex Hornstein the inventor, finished his invention and is off to other things. I did manage to snag a bunch of gear at his sale. He is off to China now.

    He hooked me up with the local hacker space guys before he left.


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