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Let pool resources and collect orders for a CEB press kit
  • HI,
    I would like to make a suggestion. A proposal for action, lets collect orders for building 25-50 GVCS CEB Press devices.
    If we can get orders for at least 25 kits, then we can get good prices. The parts should be for US local manufacturers not imported from China, we would have to rework the specs a bit to use locally produced hydraulic parts. 

    I guess we could make a CEB device for around $2000 in parts and another $2000 in labor, so for $4000 we could get a kit ready to be shipped. These are just rough numbers, what do you think? The kit will have all the parts cut and drilled,  pre assembled and tested, enough to be put together without much more work.

    I have been in contact with manufactures, they also said that 4000 psi is alot, we should consider 3000 psi, maybe we can make the device a bit smaller and cheaper. All these things need to be thought out, does anyone else want to pool resources with me and build a CEB Kit? If so, let me know, answer to this thread, if we get enough people responding and interested, then we can get the money together and order the parts in bulk and make them cheaper.

    please comment!
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    January 2015
    Excellent idea. We are building one here in India. Had to import the cylinders from US as the same specs were not readily available here.
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    February 2015
    Dhanaa, can you tell me about your progress? Is this you -


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