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rice paddy irrigation pump for thailand
  • clock writes in irc:
    i need cheap rice paddy irrigation pump, open source
    I thought making some kind of rubber coated drum which would be friction driven by rear wheel of a motorcycle
    and a centrifugal pump with toilet brush as the impeller
    what do you think?
    I calculate for the motorcycle to "drive" 30km/h the drum would have to have a diameter of 11cm
    and I would glue a strip of inner tube in a spiral fashion over the drum to increase friction
    I just wonder how to manufacture it centered enough in "kitchen" conditions
    to not have problem with vibration at 24Hz

    I thought if I make good DIY instructions
    the poor rice farmers in Thailand could go from 1 crop per year to 3
    I think everybody has a motorcycle there
    and they are poor so they cannot afford buying a gasoline pump

    mdupont: i can post your idea on the forum for you would you like that clock, 

    clock: mdupont, yes thank you
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  • Off hand, I'm thinking an Archimedes screw with two cones at the top. The lower cone drives the screw, the upper freewheels and keeps the motorcycle wheel from coming off the lower cone.image'_screw


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