"V3Solar has developed a break through technology, which dramatically
increases the overall energy output of the photovoltaic material in its
new Spin Cell solar devices.

V3Solar’s CEO, Michael Neistat,
says that the key to solar capturing market share is to focus on the
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), not the cost per watt. By increasing the
“power density” (producing more watts per square meter) V3Solar lowers
the cost for land, installation, and maintenance.

V3Solar offers four major advantages:

  • 20X more energy production from the same type and amount of PV material
  • 1/20 the amount of silicon produces the same power
  • Direct AC power (no inverter required)
  • Significantly Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Neistat explains, “If you needed say 15 acres for a solar farm to
produce 2 MW with flat panel technology, with V3Solar you would only
need about 1 acre for the same energy production.

This is done by using the Power Poles, that hold ten 1KW Spin Cells on
one pole with a footprint of 10 SF. This one feature alone makes many
more projects economically viable without the added benefit of the
built in XY tracking which allows the spin cell to produce energy for
far greater periods when compared to fixed flat panels.

Neistat describes V3Solar’s innovative entry level 1 KW Sentinel Solar
Spin Cell as their first product in an intended comprehensive range of
solar spin cells developing between 500 watts to 10KW per system, with
either DC or direct AC output.

Neistat also states that the key to their dramatic increase in energy
production over existing static panels is attributed to the “dynamic
spin” of the Sentinel. “V3Solar’s energy harvesting technology will
provide the solar industry with a cost effective and important feature

According to Chris La Due,
the inventor of the V3Solar technology: “We are introducing by way of
our Sentinel spin cell series a substantially smaller footprint and
with the ability to provide the higher levels of consistent power
required for industrial, commercial and large scale applications.
Theory does not capture market share – results do.”