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Hello from rural California, USA
  • Hello. I found this OSE forum while looking for information on modern steam power. I have a 10kW generator head that needs a power source. In finding OSE I've also found information on other projects I have in mind, such as using earth for building structures, particularly a greenhouse.

    With the bad economy and my advanced age, I believe that finding a job will be very difficult, so it will be up to me to provide for myself, plus I have always been concerned with the environment. Being locally self-reliant addresses both concerns.

    I have experience with Linux computer system management, power, signal and digital electronics, computer programming, machining, welding, I am beginning with playing the harpsichord, violin and guitar, I am a small plane pilot and started building a telescope although spare time is pretty scarce.

    I hope to be able to contribute in some way to the goals of the GVCS 50 project.

    Kirk Wallace
    California, USA
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  • Kirk - please email me - aaron @ - i'd like to talk with you about getting involved - thanks

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