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  • Hey! I'm 17 and I was wondering if anyone knows about some good 21st century books about life and open source economies etc. Thanks!
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  • I think this falls into the catagories you mentioned. This book has been an inspiration to me many times.
    From Eco-Cities to Living Machines
  • Well, the following list should keep you occupied for some time (which reminds me: Stephane Hessel, Time for Outrage!):

    Why copyright is evil: Marijke van Schindel, Joost Smeers,, No Copyright

    Back to the future, about subsistence as a social principle: Tony Waters, The Persistence of Subsistence Agriculture

    About the futility of currency systems: Carmen Reinhardt, Kenneth Rogoff, This Time is Different

    ... and how all this money came to be: David Graeber, Debt: The first 5,000 years

    How we waste the lifetime of our people: J.W. Smith, The World's Wasted Wealth 2

    How cooperation may help: Bob Blain, The Most Wealth for the Least Work through Cooperation

    Just that you not forget who is responsible: Dean Henderson, Big Oil and their Bankers in the Persian Gulf

    Lots of ideas and warnings: Christopher Barnatt, 25 things you need to know about future

    On growth in a finite environment: Tim Jackson, Prosperity without Growth

    And here some hands-on experience: Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

    And last but not least, world revolution: Glen T. Martin, World Revolution through World Law

    And there is one of the many, many youtube videos worth to see, I would like you to spend time on, because it plants the seed to allow you to understand what the future will bring to you. It has a very appropriate titel: The most important video you will ever see.

  • Thanks you guys!!! I'll take a look at these.
  • Governing the commons - Eliner Ostrom (Nobel prize)
  • Just finished reading The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle. What a cool story! For those who don't know it's about a man in the UK who decides to live without money for one year. Thanks for the recommendation Rabert. I listened to it on an audio book on my Ipod, while bicycle commuting to work! I purchased the audiobook from A very cool site.
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    September 2012
    I would recommend a new book by Walter Mosley titled The Gift of Fire / On the Head of a Pin. Walter has written over 35 books both fiction and non-fiction. This one should be considered fantasy/Science fiction. He has only written 2 other books in this genre: The Wave and Blue Light.
    Most of his fiction is in the mystery style and at least one was made into a movie: Devil In A Blue Dress.
    I recommend this book because the stories are inspirational for me and I feel in some way aligned with the open source ecology philosophy. I think the format is retro-cool too. Some old sci-fi paperbacks from my youth often had 2 books published as one. The one on the back face would be printed upside down from the other side. The difference is this edition (2012) is hardback.
    Besides, winter is coming and you might need something to do. Get it from the library and save a buck.

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