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Colorado- Anyone Interested in OSE Co-Op Manufacturing or FeF?
  • Colorado is full of parallel resources and similar critical mass, as well as a high concentration of people whose ideologies are ideal for OSE participation. I for one would love to be a part of an intentional community here that adheres to these principles and works towards the OSE and GVCS goals. Perhaps a parallel to Factor E Farm under the leadership of Marcin and the other leaders so that we only bolster and in no way detract from their efforts. If you are interested please post up(or msg me) and tell why you are interested and what you could offer(even if its just a willingness to learn). Would you consider full or part time participation?

    Myself: Full time.  I have fabricated many FEF-like implements over the years thru my frustration of limited access or inferior commercial products. Designing tools and methods that help get the job done quicker and easier is my forte. One of the most appealing aspects to me is working with others, learning and teaching. Being a part of an environment where at the end of the day you've accomplished alot and "worked" all day, but in reality it was more socially fulfilling, satisfying and enriching then most entertainment venues.
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  • So maybe a better way to  phrase it is, what would it take? Would it take the conditions around you to get worse, jobless, etc? Or would it take outstanding opportunitity. Say Marcin himself already established, with power, running water, a nice fully outfitted shop, living facilities and not too far from town? Its not a hypothetical, I could provide all that pretty easy. Well, except the Marcin part. I guess i can die my hair and put on a hardhat.
  • Dear OSE Team,
    Thank you very much for your great and profound work you are doing. am interest and am seeking potential partnership with you.
    Very Best Regard
  • Great article Salimshaban2005! Beautiful work!
  • So maybe a better way to  phrase it is, what would it take?

    Take to do what? Join your cause? Set up a second FeF? Change the world? Something like this story (you need to register to read it. Worth the time. And it's free.)?

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