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looking for people in the San Francisco bay area
  • Hi everyone i am looking for people to participate in a OSE local chapter in the  San Francisco bay area as far as I can tell there aren't any OSE groups currently meeting anywhere around here  I have 1000 ft.²  of shop space in Oakland  with  a milling machine, small metal lathe,mig and tig  welders, drill press, sheet metal roler, hand tools etc. feel free to contact me directly at  if you're interested in joining a group or know of an existing group or if you have good ideas about how to find more  interested people for a group

    thanks much John O
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  • Hi John,

    I live on the West side of the bay.  It's currently difficult for me to get to Oakland as I am without a vehicle, but I would also be interested in a Bay Area chapter and wanted to express my support here.
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    November 2012
    Sorry, I live in the North Bay in Sonoma County. That is a bit too far for me :(
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    February 2013
    I am currently living in Sonoma County as well. I'd love to see something spring up around here, so if XxionxX is interested in something in the North Bay, count me in.
    John - if you've got anything going on, I'd love to be a part of it as well. Since I am kind of far, I wouldn't commit myself to weekly meetings or anything like that, but I'd be happy to come down for a build day every once in a while, or something like that.

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