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[wiki] Redirect pages appearing in search results
  • Zach Dwiel wrote:

    Hey, not sure if you are still administering the OSE wiki, but I've
    found that the search feature lists redirect pages (and there are lots
    of them try the ceb search [1]) even if you try to disable them in the
    advanced search box.  I've been trying to cleanup and restructure the
    wiki pages surrounding the CEB press, now that I'm part way through
    the CEB press build and have it all fresh in my memory, but its been a
    pain searching through all the redirects and deleted pages.

    If you aren't the person to talk to, who is?


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  • That would be me... I'll see how I can fix this.
    Any tips?
  • BTW, thanks a lot for helping with the wiki :)
  • Zach Dwiel wrote:

    I'm not sure.  I've never used administered mediawiki myself, so I
    don't have many ideas.

    I did a bit of googling and can't find anything that mentions it.  Is
    the advanced search provided by an extension?

  • Zach Dwiel wrote:

    Not sure if you made some changes, but it seems that the redirects now
    only show up if you do an advanced search.  If you do a normal search
    they don't appear, which is fine.


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