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Guillaume Forcier, from France

  • Hello everybody !

    I am a Research and Development technician in the farming machinery area.
    I am currently working on wood shredders projects near Nantes in France. I am developping new products, modeling the machines, mounting and testing prototypes,  industrializing the machines, publishing maintenance manuals (burst views).
    I have worked for eight years in the farming machinery sector.

    I am more and more fed up with the capitalist mindset and I would like to use my skills, my knowledges in a sharing mindset and a global thinking. I really would like to be involved in a project like the GVCS in France or in Europe.

    I am interested in :
    - farming machinery
    - post-petrol machinery (animal propelled vehicles and also HPV) ; especially recumbent bikes ;-)
    - organic agriculture (use of fragmented ramial wood, no ploughing, direct seeding...)
    - bioclimatic architecture (in straw, in earth like superadobes...) and also yurts
    - renewable energies (for autonomous houses)
    - collaborative work, cooperative structures

    > Please contact me if you think we can build something great together.  :-)
    I speak french (maternal language), english and german.

    See you soon,
    Guillaume Forcier
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  • Hey Guillaume,

    Mathieu here, from Paris. Let's keep it in english for everyone ;)

    I am working right now on an open source project that we are now doing with the FabLab of Cergy and through a french crowdfunding website :
    (thanks for sharing this link and the video around if you'd like) I can send you more info on that if you're interested.

    Anyway, for this project I have been looking for open source technology for chipping/shredding in order to make good pigments for dyeing, (I found this page you could have a look it still needs to be completed)

    There is so few people in France aware of OSE, it's cool to know I am not alone ;) As an engineer myself, I would be very interested in taking part in any OS and useful project in France, so let's keep in touch !
  • Hello Matthieu,

    What kind of material do you want to chip/shred ?
    Which diameter ?

    I tried to make a small shredder with :
    - a 20 liters oil can
    - a drill
    - ripper knives
    See you soon !
  • That is awesome :)

    Do you have any document about how you made this small shredder ?

    I want to turn things like avocado skins, flowers petals and various leaves into something as litlle as possible (a powder would be ideal) but whit a machine that's not too big and expensive.
  • Bonjour Guillaume et Mathieu,
    Bravo à tous les 2 pour vos sympathiques projets.
    J'essaie aussi de contribuer à la diffusion de l'open source des objets en France.
    Il y a beaucoup d'initiatives individuelles, mais le regroupement/agglomération des efforts n'est pas facile.

    Pour ma part, je travaille actuellement (doucement) sur  (à terminer avant l'hiver)
    et  (qui ne presse pas)

    plus d'autres petits trucs plus bricolo.

    Je suis l'admin du wiki ,
    s'il peut servir à vos propres projets, n'hésitez pas à l'utiliser.

    Bonne continuation

  • What about using a burr grinder for espresso?  It will certainly save a lot of work, even if you have to mill it down further afterwards.
  • hello guys,
    nice to see more and more people from France are up with the OSE Challange.
    we are a small group of people around Montpellier we are about to start with OSE machines (probably CEB at first).

    you can join us on

  • Hello Andrea !

    I am trying to keep in touch with members of OSE France.
    I have send messages through

    But, after many weeks, I have still no answer...

    See you,


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