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Organic farm in Oregon Looking for the right people
  • I have a 20 acre organic farm.  7,000 SF stone ranch house (SF includes attached guest house), 40,000 SF below roof, 20,000 SF of greenhouses.  I bought the place because I did not want to see the bank take...and like Marcin said in his video.  I found I have all sorts of education and skills... and I am "useless" at running a farm.  I want to create a model of sustainable living and I can provide the renewable energy (  I just spoke with Marcin and I love the idea of creating a college to teach these skills.  I would love to work with 4 or 5 dedicated people who may not have all of the money to buy a farm, but could come in with some skin in the game and we can create a profitable model for the world.  If you have the skills and the desire to make this happen, let me know.  Here are some photos of the place   I have it for sale because I just don't have the time to run it, but I would love to work with the right people.  There are several places to live.  3 groups would be ideal.  Let's create a sustainable model for the world (and a great lifestyle for ourselves).  Need people with skills and hard work.  Well grounded and focused.
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  • Forgot to mention...  The farm is in Central Point, Oregon.  About 20 miles North of Ashland and 10 minutes from the Medford airport.
  • I'm in Cave Junction. How much skin would you like? What happens to our skin if you succeed in selling it?
  • So are you still there and looking to homestead?  We live in downtown auburn wa and are looking to relocate somewhere in the NW.  Wanting a more natural lifestyle.
  • Have you had any body take you  up on your offer?

    Are you still looking for people to farm the land?

    You can email me at if you are still looking to talk to people

    to help you.

  • Hello,

    I may be building some of the equipment soon, could be a good way to test it.  I am located in Beaverton,or.

  • Hey Crew,

    I would love to come see your land in late May. Please let me know if you will be free.

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    September 2013
    I'm interested in similar things!! Especially the idea of creating an educational space. See my post in the intro section:

    My email is

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