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Matthieu from France
  • Hi all!
    I'm Matthieu, 27, currently living in France, and have taken up
    carpentry as a means to "make a living". I have also started a family,
    two children, and want to build a different life for ourselves.
    I'm sick of the way our way of life has destroyed lives around the
    world, decimated whole species, and ruined ecosystems.
    I've been keeping an eye on the GVCS since a bit more than a year, and love the idea..
    This is one of the projects that has given me new hope for our future. We have the technology, the skills, the ressources, now we just need to put them together. Bypassing the proprietary system and realising everyone can live decently, sharing instead of competing.
    You guys have started something beautiful, more human than a lot of what I can see around myself everyday. I want to start building and stop only dreaming.
    So, I don't have many skills to contribute, but a bit of 3d modelling. If I can help in any way, it will be done gladly.
    Keep up the extraordinary work, we all need it.
    Thank you.
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  • hello Mathieu,

    for information, we are starting a group in France.
    we are based around Montpellier
    you can join us on
    we are at the early stages and will send out news very soon.


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