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  • First post, so I am __Oz.  Nice to meet you.

    I have been working on an evolving theoretical system based upon hydrogen and the sun's energy.  My plans are intended to be based upon low capital expenditures for the masses.  

    Can someone explain the status of OSE in regards to energy plans?  For example, is the farm off the grid yet, etc?

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  • I just stumbled across this forum, but I've been interested in permaculture for sometime now.  It seems the various permaculture philosophies range on the opposite sides of the scale, examples of being sacred spiritual deeds of enlightment... to being overly technical with no real mission or heartfelt planning. It's rare that I find ideas placed in the middle, so common people without PHDs or a spiritual calling can use them. I am fascinated with solar/hydrogen energy and found some practical applications for use.

    The first solar-hydrogen home in North America developed by Mike Strizki:

    Hydrogen powered energy independent farm with a hydrogen powered tractor:

    Solar Hydrogen Generator 101:

    MIT method of storing solar energy:


    I look forward to this discussion.



  • Based upon what little I read about OSE, I see very little about raw materials.  The operation is expected to need much capacity.  We are all scientists!

    These machines need metal, energy, and brain power.  Let's be smart about it because the lower the cost the better.  There is no need to pay for air.  

    (1)  Mass produce the raw materials first to lower overhead (Water + Sunlight----->Hydrogen).  Store or grow the Hydrogen.  Use the Hydrogen in a fuel cell (cube) to create electricity.

    (2)  Mine the air and ground (lime, steel, aluminum, copper, nitrogen, and CO2).  CO2 has carbon. Carbon has much energy.  People don't want it?  Give it to me!

    (3)  Solar Cement Kiln with CO2 free to build many structures containing metal lathe that will last 500 years.

    The bottleneck is raw materials.  Lower the overhead first.  Focus on water, food, solar, shelter, minerals, then machines, in that order.  It is more efficient.  Be self-sufficient.  No need for donations. 
  • All the energy we ever needed is right in front of our eyes.  Can you see it?  Do you know how to store it?  Do you know how to make electricity with it?  If so, you are half way home.  I can show the other half soon.  For now, just pretend you bought 10-20 cars for $50 each and melted them.  What could you make with the metal?  Hello, anyone home?
  • Images of Marcin's soil map and the percentages of soil type for the respective acres are attached.  They show 75% Lamoni and 25% Zook soils in Dekalb County, Missouri.  It is obvious this is important for agricultural reasons.  What may not be so obvious, is iron and manganese, both steel components, are in the soil as shown in the following links and the attached images:

    Here is a description of the Lamoni and Zook soils:

    Here is one method of extracting iron from the soil:

    Extraction and Oxidation of Iron from Soil

    Notice the content of sand and the prospect of aluminum in the soil because of it being mostly clay.  This land most likely has lime, sand (, silicone, cement), aluminum, iron, and manganese that could be used for metals, cement, and many other products, of which the percentage quantities could be tested for (see previous posts).

    In a related topic to make us think out of the box, the following scientist grew plants on 2.5 acres and received 14 ounces of gold out of the plants by filtering the biomass.

    soil_map.jpg 37K
    Lamoni_Zook_75_25.jpg 46K
  • If Marcin has one or more windmills on the property, is it possible to capture more Carbon Dioxide than normally, to make steel? Since plants consume carbon dioxide, which plants could harvest the most in the least amount of time?
    Water plus carbon equals hydrocarbon. 
    Device Uses Solar Energy To Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel
    Mining the Air for Carbon Dioxide 
    Carbon Recycling: Mining the Air for Fuel

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