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request for no rel=nofollow in the wiki
  • chrono wrote:

    Hi  Elifarley,

    I briefly talked to Nikolay about the wiki yesterday and he pointed me to you :)

    I noticed that you use the rel=nofollow attribute in all outgoing links you your wiki, which

    sadly is the default mode of mediawiki when it's installed. Since the wiki isn't open

    to public editing, there seems to be no reason, why you guys shouldn't share you

    link popularity with the pages you link to. After all, we all consider our projects

    to be related, why tell search engines, that we are not related?

    Have a look at:

    I'd ask you to consider dropping rel=nofollow, so that we all can link to each other

    in a manner, which let's search engines consider us related and thereby giving

    us an overall better chance, that our content is found by other people, without the need

    to go to a hub page (like or ose) just to find the relevant content

    that actually is on the originating page, that was the link's target.

    We say, that sharing is the future but then we don't share our link popularity :(

    It's an important tool for our cause, to place our content above commercial

    and advertising pages. Wouldn't it be better, if someone googled for "shoes"

    and the first page results would show only DIY/open-resource results on where

    to get shoes for free or how to build shoes yourself instead of links to shops

    of the big ones?

    What do you think?
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  • Thanks for suggesting this, chrono. I've never stopped to think about the rel=nofollow configuration in the wiki.

    I think it really makes sense to remove this restriction, so I'll see how this can be changed in MediaWiki.
  • I've set $wgNoFollowLinks to false, so that search engines will now follow links for ranking purposes.
  • sounds like a winner

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