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Traducción al Español
  • On Jan 31, 2012, Marco Zubieta wrote:

    Hi Aaron!

    I really enjoy the OSE project
    and let me tell you that here in my country there´s an ancient tradition
    on using compressed building blocks ! It´s called Adobe and most of the
    rural Bolivia are buid with it.

    I want to join the proyect and translate the wiki to spanish y you agree!

    I´m working in various projects regarding DIY Makers Comunnity and very happy to be a pioneer on this matter in my country!

    Well, hope to hear from you soon!!

    Bets Regards
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  • Aaron wrote:

    Hello Marco

    We are very glad to have you with us.
    Here is a link to the Spanish version of our wiki, where you will find
    lots of work to be done.

    You can contact our web developer, Elifarlay, to get involved.
  • Marco Zubieta escribió:


    Saludos!! como ves abajo contacte Aaron para unirme al Equipo y apoyar la traduccion al espanol por lo pronto.

    Estoy a tus ordenes!

    Marco Zubieta
  • Saludos Marco, qué tal?

    Estoy muy contento de ver alguien de Sudamerica (soy de Brasil) proponendo ayudarnos !

    Quiero mucho que el GVCS sea más conocido en países hispanohablantes, y tuia ayuda en traducción és muy bienvenida :)

    Para comenzar, revisa la página de traducción:

  • Marco escribió:

    Elifarley, Aaron

    Comenze a traducir y me
    entusiasme mas y mas a medida que entendia a cabalidad el gran trabajo
    que se esta haciendo en OSE. Asi que puse mi teleport (web crawler) para
    bajar todo el sitio y revisarlo off line.

    Estoy en ello, avanzando en los tiempos libres, por lo pronto les
    pido mas detalles del DVD, seria genial que el dvd pueda ir con
    versiones en los principales idiomas. Y me apunto al equipo de
    traduccion al espanol.

    Por otra parte me interese mucho por el CEB press  ya q los adobes
    son de comun y extensivo uso aqui, en especial en el medio rural. Llegue
    a entender gracias a Gernot Minke que
    grandes edificaciones fueron construidas sobre esta base, por lo que no
    se ha valorizado su uso suficientemente.

    Estamos muy felices de trabajar en este gran proyecto, envien mis saludos a Marcin y al gran equipo del OSE
  • Aaron wrote:

    Hello Marco,

    [...] I think I remember that you speak English too. I am
    working on creating a text document of the DVD so that people can
    download and print the DVD. Once that project is complete, it should be a
    great thing to use for translating the DVD into multiple languages.
    Would you like me to send that to you so you can work on it when its

    The CEB documentation will be included in that, so you can do it all in one go.

    It's good to hear from you again.

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    @Beluga wrote:

    I don't have a wiki account, but I'm interested, do you use this extension to translate:
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    @fandez wrote:

    Hi Beluga! Nice meeting you. 
    No, I didn't use that extension for the articles I have started to translate...but it seems super cool!
    I'm not a mediawiki expert, but I guess we need to install it in order to use it... maybe Elifarley can help us with that. 
    Are you a translator for the OSE prject?

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    @Beluga wrote:

    No, I'm not a translator for OSE, but I tried out the MediaWiki system on
    and I found it to be really great. It has very solid version control
    and also nice translation memory. Here you can read about the latest
    victory from the creator of this amazing tool: Niklas is like a demigod of open source localization tech in my eyes
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    Juan ( @fandez ) wrote:

    Hola Elifarley
    Hum... qué extraño.. pues sí, AHORA sí que puedo editar! 
    ¿Alguna novedad respecto a la traducción de la web? ¿me enviarás los documentos?
    Un saludo,
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    Juan Fernandez wrote:
    Hi Elifarley! 
    Thanks the quick answer.
    I had already seen that translators wiki page. The problem I see is that BEFORE going to the wiki, the main entrance point is the website, and that should be also translated. 
    I guess no one is taking care of it: is this - website localization - something you plan to do? I can help you with that
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    Marcin Jakubowski wrote:
    Hi Juan,

    Thanks for your offer. 

    Elifarley, can we have Juan translate, and then give the files to you to set up a spanish version?

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    Hi Juan,

    I've created a folder on the test environment ( so that you can translate the main page.
    Just send me your public key and I'll grant you access to the SSH server so that you can edit the files.


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