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A viable eco-friendly wastwater treatment system.
  •   In thinking of some of the requirements for a sustainable eco-friendly community I thought of how to deal with the issue of wastewater and irrigation.  In researching methods that are feasible to construct, operate and maintain to meet the needs of bio waste and irrigation I came across a wastewater treatment system that was installed at a non-profit organization called the Rodale Institute.  The system is called the ' Eco-Friendly Wastwater Treatment System'.  I believe this system is feasible for any community to construct through natively acquired resources and/or products manufactured using the Global Village Construction Set and put to use within the community for both waste management as well as irrigation.  

    Please watch the video and give your thoughts on this.

    Note: The Rodale Institute is a nonprofit organization in Kutztown, PA dedicated to pioneering organic farming and researching the best practices of organic agriculture while sharing their findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world,   

    Using my thinking cap and contributing from afar,

    Michael McDaniel
    (1000 True Fans Member)
    Peoria, Arizona


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