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A proposal for an Alliance of Open Source Hardware Pioneers
  • This subforum is filled with threads of projects with projects similar in one way or another to OSE. Obviously, establishing in depth collaborations with them like the new OSE-Wikispeed partnership would be an organizational nightmare, and probably counterproductive. HOWEVER, I can see establishing a less constraining formal expression of solidarity with the other projects kind of like that of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers being very useful.

    Of course, those companies still compete with each other. Of course they don't have to agree with each other's specific aims. The AAM is, however, a formal alliance to help promote those goals that are shared. Why not establish such a consortium to help everyone out with raising awareness. It would help dissuade the immediate naysayers who argue that OSE and many other projects will never be robust, that their technological aims are too high, that they will just fizzle out. I feel, as I'm sure do all of you, a great momentum building around Open Source Hardware, and I cannot imagine the entire movement fizzling out. I argue that it would be good for awareness of the whole movement to put together everyone's basic information (with everyone's approval) on a slick site with all the logos lined up (if KONY2012 has shown us anything it is that slick production still has incredible power on laymen) somewhere that links through to each individual project.

    What do you guys think? Who are OSE's primary diplomats? Would they be interested in getting something like this together?

    Edit: Excuse my ridiculous ignorance. It seems that the movement already has a logo twitter tag #openhardware and list Still, centralized accessibility to laymen is missing, and is probably the most important problem.

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  • Sponsorships maybe...

  • Actually, that is exactly, what I was looking for here.
    We´re developing, constructing, evaluating and sharing floating islands for multiple purpose with a comparably philosophy. 
    We´re just preparing the launch of a symbol and maybe platform for open source hardware and would like to network with OSE and/or others, as it will generate public interest which should be channelled into the individually right projects.
    The "SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas" (SLM) mostly focusses on searelated issues as the goal is an autarcic, sustainable floating habitat. But as there is a big overlap with OSE´s goals, there should be an easy way to cooperate and synergicly benefit.
    Have a look, if you want:

    So, whom do I have to ask here for a "floating subproject" within this Wiki? Is there an Alliance platform anywhere?
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  • Can proprietary technology innovators be persuaded to open up. I see several proprietary, patent protected innovations which are languishing without being commercialized, as their approach of large scale commercial development is not successful, since large corporations will not allow if its not profitable, yet these innovators don't understand virtues of open development. As an example, which is alternative piezoelectric based magnetic storage using same tech as harddrive but with piezoeelectric actuators so is more reliable. But since 2006, it seems dormant. Need a platform so that such closed source innovations can transform themselves.

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