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Generating electricity for water pump (from Adolf Tragler)
  • Message sent by Adolf Tragler, from India:


    Your work is wonderful and very useful.

    In your maps I was disappointed to see that not a single contact from India can be seen.

    We work in an Adivasi(tribal) area in north-western Maharashtra, about 150 km north of Mumbai.

    We face lack of or often interrupted electric supply. We have tried 2 solar pumps for water supply but servicing of the equipment is immensely inadequate, leading to months of dysfunction when solar light is full day available and water is most needed.

    We are interested in many things. But in particular I am interested in the Electric motor/Generator . My question is:  could we generate enough electricity by creating rotation through a pedal and hand-bar movement as is being used for physical exercise machines, enough to get an electric pump working for water supply?
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  • If you get a hand bar/ pedal machine, its better to use the mechanical energy to pump water. Why convert it to electricity? Hand pumps are a lot more affordable and already available.



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