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CAD draftsman needed
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    February 2011
    Do you have CAD skills? Are you willing to spend about an hour on a project that could fill thousands of empty bellies? 

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    I would be happy to make CAD models and drawings of the standard wooden beehives described in the PDFs linked in the wiki article.
    From there, we can work on making versions suitable for digital fabrication of whatever kind seems most prudent.
    I think it's important to maintain compatibility between existing beehive system components and these open-source drawings and plans we make.
    Also, what license are we (we meaning OSE/FeF) using for documents we create? Creative Commons? What flavor? I'd like to tag the documents I create with the correct copyright(left?) from the start, so there's no question about copyright ownership.... I want these things Open Source.
  • Question. Are you looking for a substance that lasts? The product that RepRap uses is cornstarched based. It will break down under certain conditions. Just something to think about. I believe that wood is used as a hive, based on the fact that it keeps well.
  • has this been created yet??
  • Hi there, I'm Nicolas from Belgium.
    I'm actually working with autodesk inventor for work and i own a 3d printer "makerbot" and a brand new CNC milling machine.
    Since I'd like to work on a power cube (for starting) I will need to find, or of course, make the drawings to send to the CNC. 
    I'm still new into the world of CNC (I used to make design and drawings) but I think it could be something standard then everybody could use it as it is. I can make .pdf, .step, .dwg, .gcode also, i could translate the HowTo to french, to metric system and probably add some references about where to buy the material here in Europe.
    The only thing is I will have to do this on my free time...

    A word about the RepRap printer, yes it use cornstarched filament (PLA) but also ABS, ok it's not green at all but it's strong. And still, the 3d printer is very nice to made scaled prototype. It will not be super clean but accurate enough.

    I'm willing to be opensource too, I saw you are under these but sorry, english is not my first language and the legal blabla is sometimes very difficult to read. 
    My question is: this is an United State Licence. What about Europe? Is it the same? Do I just need to put everything here on the wiki and it covered by your copyright?

    Anyway, you're doing a great job with opensourceecology.

  • @nicodepicpic : I'm interested too in the metric/european conversion of the power cube. I started sourcing parts and I found a hydraulic pump matching the characteristics :

    For the beehives, they've been made from wood, straw, earthenware, etc, for millenia. It worked fine and was cheap ; while a RepRap costs around 300 € to make, which is in some countries a six-month income. I think the RepRap is better used for difficult to hand make parts.

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