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[wiki] Unable to log in even after changing the password
  • One of our wiki users is unable to login. I changed the password with this command:

    php changePassword.php --user CaitSweeney --password hiddenpassword
    > Password set for CaitSweeney

    Then I tried to log in using "CaitSweeney" and the new password. It worked fine, so I told what the new password was to Cait.

    After a while, Cait told me she was not able to log in again. So I changed her password using the same command and then I tried to log in again.
    This time, I received the error below:

    Login error
    Incorrect password entered. Please try again.

    I don't know why the password change didn't take effect. I don't know how to fix it for this specific login name, either...

    P.S.: I have posted this question to the MediaWiki Users forum.

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