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CEB Press Bids
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    December 2011

    I'm looking into building a CEB Press in Bloomington Indiana with some friends, but am also looking into how much it would cost and if anyone would be interested in building and selling one to me.  I've asked a friend or two here in town that might be able to do it and/or help out, but I am also interested to see if anyone elsewhere might be interested too.

    Background: I am planning on building a CEB house this summer at Dandelion Viliage in Bloomington Indiana.  We recently got our own zoning in the city limits which is specifically designed for small community living within the city limits.  One of the things I am excited about is documenting hours and money that I put into the house, with an open source floor plan and designs so that others who are interested in something less dormitory than the hablab can see what is involved.

    Also, does anyone know if Factor-e-farm is still in the business of selling them?  Or do they have other priorities right now?
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    February 2012
    Hey, just checking in again to see if anyone is interested in building and selling an assembled working CEB Press.  I'm getting quotes from people around town for the materials, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  I am in Bloomington, Indiana.

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    February 2012
    I would be willing to build one--at no charge for labor--if someone would pay for the materials.  I have a machine shop (mill, lathe, welders, plasma cutter, etc.) and want to experiment with this technology, but have never built one before so I wouldn't want to make any money on the first two or three units.  However, I'm in New Jersey and zdwiel is in Indiana--which is just too far apart to be practical during the initial start up process.  If someone in the New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania region needs one of these, please let me know and we can see if it makes sense to build a few together.

    Email me at scgrant@gear{SPAM}  (just leave out the {SPAM}) or contact me through the forum.  Thanks.   
  • FYI, James Slade in Texas is having a CEB Press fabricated for us, while I am handling the electronics and assembly here in Indiana.
  • I think it time for me to get one made. How did you make out?

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