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Switching the Team Culturing Survey to Google Forms
  • We have been using the LimeSurvey for our Team Culturing:

    A lot of users complained that session timed out and they couldn't fill out their survey, which leads to great frustration and additional work on our side. We tried by changing the session time-out as described here: but it didn't work out.

    For this purpose we will try to make the survey in Google Forms and see how it performs. More news on the topic to be published soon.
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  • Maybe we could use CiviCRM itself instead of LimeSurvey and Google Forms. But I don't know how to create a CiviCRM page which works like LimeSurvey (where people could fill a form and create their own contact in CiviCRM).

    If anyone reading this knows how to do it, please let us know.
  • Eli,

    the JavaScript converter is easy to create. With CiviCRM I had bad experience with the OSE Microfunding Proposal because it required too much work. If there is anybody who can make it working easily with CiviCRM fine, but until I see that, I want to keep it simple and doable with JavaScript converter without wasting too much energy. That's why I suggest we keep the name the same and if you want you can add CiviCRM as second option in the Wiki as choice to the person who is helping.
  • Here's a GitHub project with the code to convert the sample CSV to the Wiki code in the template. 

    You can download the code from here if you don't use Git:

    I haven't looked at the EU template yet, but if this works OK for US users I can take a look at that next.

    Just open the index.html file in a browser and paste the CSV text in the first textarea and click the Convert button. The results of each converted row are separated by a --------- line.

    Let me know if you have any issues testing this or if you find any problems.
  • Thanks a lot!

    Suggestions for improvement:
    1) Can you add the following code at the beginning of the generated code, and
    - "myname" must be the entered name
    - the date must be the date NOW (it can be also in a different format which includes day, month, year)

    [[Image:myfotofile.jpg|thumb| myname]]

    ==Team Culturing Information==
    Last updated: March 5, 2012

    2) The conversion of the email wasn't enough - "" should become "gmail (dot) com":

    3) In Wikicode when we want something to be on a new line, we have to either add 2 new lines or "1 new line followed immediately by <br/>"
    When there is a new line in the CSV could you always add a <br/> to the Wikicode? This is needed especially when people list their skills (e.g. See Monica's)

    4) At the end there are some lines generated, can you remove them?

    5) At the end there should be the category added:
    [[Category: Team Culturing]]

    Thank you a lot! That's saving a lot of time!


    P.S. How is your name?
  • Nikolay,

    I'm working on fixes now. For #4, I added those since you can include multiple records in the CSV and I thought having a visible delimiter in the output might help you copy multiple records out of the output. But I'll remove that separator line and make the other changes and let you know when a fixed version is available.

    Matt Griffith
  • I just committed my fixes to GitHub. I think I'm handling newlines correctly now, but let me know if that behavior needs to be refined more.
  • Hi Matt,

    that's a beautiful result!

    I have two appeals more and hopefully we are finished with this task.

    1) could you trim every entry?
    I am asking because 
    [[Image:myfotofile.jpg|thumb| Frederick Moor]]
    would be better
    [[Image:myfotofile.jpg|thumb|Frederick Moor]]

    Also if the user enters too much whitespaces we don't want to display them.

    2) Could you make the converter script also for OSE Europe Team Culturing? I provided Input test data:

  • Also, I suspect you wanted this bit handled differently than I am:

    [[Image:myfotofile.jpg|thumb| myname]]

    Should the 'myfotofile.jpg' come from the CSV data? And what if there is no data there?

  • 'myfotofile.jpg' cannot come from the CSV, it is the uploaded file in the OSE Wiki. So If somebody provides a link to the photo, I upload it in the Wiki and reference it in the code.
    If no photo is provided, I just delete the whole line. It is easier to delete/change a line than to write it by hand and memory :)
  • Ok, the leading space in the Image line is gone. I'm also now trimming leading and trailing whitespace from most of the text fields. I'll take a look at the EU data tomorrow and figure out the best way to handle that.
  • This code now let's you choose either US or EU data and it uses the appropriate Wiki code template based on your selection.
  • Hi Matt,

    thanks, it is working.

    One recommendation:
    If I convert 2 surveys, then the converted Wiki code is "appended" to the already existing code on the right input field. This can be fixed, by clearing all text in the right input field before putting the code.

  • The results get replaced in the latest version.

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