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Accepting payments with Dwolla
  • DEC 13, 2011  |  07:08AM CST 
    Original messageHi,

    I'm the web admin from Open Source Ecology (

    We would like to switch from PayPal to Dwolla, but we must be able to offer monthly payments for our True Fans subscriptions (for instance US$ 10 automatically charged every month, for 24 months).

    Is it possible with Dwolla?

    For your reference this is Case #: 10461
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  • Dwolla SupportDEC 13, 2011  |  11:46AM CST
    Hello Eli,

    You have the ability to submit your monthly subscription payments through a Dwolla Account, however, all payments sent or received through Dwolla are cash based payments (ACH transfers). To send and receive payments using Dwolla requires the user to add and use a bank account to fund their transactions. We do not accept or process credit and debit card payments. It is strictly an "ACH" cash based payment service provider. A user does have the capability of setting up "Recurring Payments" through Dwolla. which allows your customers to establish an automatic transfer of their subscription payment to you.

    To setup Multi/Recurring payments, please log into your Dwolla Account, go to the left side of your Account Home page and click on the tab that says "Multi-Payments/Recurring Payments". 

    You can select from 3 different processes for a multi/recurring payment and a consistent date for when the payment is initiated:
    - Weekly - on the Monday of the week
    - Bi-Weekly - on the 15th of the month
    - Monthly - on the 1st of the month

    Once you have completed your selection of how you want the payments to work and you are able to see that your payments are working successfully, check your transaction statements or your ‘Money IN’/’Money OUT’ tabs to monitor the transfers.

    The other possibility could be with the use of Dwolla's dynamic API's that Dwolla offers -, or this information can be found under the HELP link (Support Center on the Dwolla website, the API credentials are located under 'Support for Developers'). Also, our developers can certainly look at any inquiries or recommendation for additional products you may want to request. You can provide feedback, suggestions or submit a request through the "Developer Forum", which is located under the 'Support for Developers' section of our Support Center. Dwolla is looking at possible enterprise accounts within 2012, and we can only suggest that you continue to read our blogs and watch our website as we continue to grow, improve our current services and expand to provide new services and product functionality!

    Thank You!

    Dwolla Support Services 

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