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Problem Viewing Wiki Submissions on Category Page
  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Aaron Makaruk, and I am partnered with OSE as a grant researcher and writer. You can view my log here

    I am having a technical problem that maybe someone can help me with. I am creating wiki pages for each grant that I submit, but they only show up under the Category:Grant Proposals wiki page when I am logged in (with my Google ID). When I am not logged in, I am unable to view the grants listed on that category page, although the independent wiki pages still exist. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

    Thank You,
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    December 2011
    heyo aaron. i dont have alot of experience with categories so i dont really have an answer :/ but i have the same experience with viewability to confirm your issue.

    you might try the / method of sub pages.

    like you'd have a main page for grant proposals and then each proposal would be under that

    like "Grant_Proposals/IBM_International_Foundation"

    then you could do links from the main Grant_Proposals page in place of the auto generated catagories page.

    theres a couple other places we've been doing that but it hasnt really become standard.

    for example on the ceb manufacturing pages

    there is a main page for ceb_press that link to instructions then to the specific part. right below the title of the part page you can follow links back down the tree.

    if that sounds appealing i could help ya do all the name changes and stuff. just throwing that out there since i duno about category pages.
  • Aaron,
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the cause for this problem yet.
  • Dorkmo,

    That is logical. Each grant page should be subcategorized under Grant Proposals category. I will try that when I have a minute. Thanks for the suggestion.


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