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P2p search engines net (ann easy way to have searches independent from google bing &co)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down December 2011

    This idea is much easier to implement than it sounds. Actually you can
    install and start using seeks (a p2p and meta search engine) right now, I
    am using it and it's good enough even without peers (I find it more
    comfortabe than google in fact). other p2p search engines like yacy
    index the pages and do the rest so my idea is that if we make some small
    servers we can have a p2p network of search that is totally independent
    from centraliuzed searche engines

    -why use it?

    as part of the OSE project this allows,on the long term, to be totally
    independent from big company server based search engines, on the short
    term it allows for high customizaton and 100% reliability (even if the
    whole internet goes boom your own search engine may keep working XD).

    -simply on an intellectual/practical side of things having big companies
    like google/microsoft/yahoo do the search means they will show you what
    they want you to see, p2p search shows you what most people want to see
    so it's more neutral. also the search may be partially done in local
    which is good if your connection is not stable -or you can even just
    search in your village network if the rest of the world is cut off ;)

    -for users (try it first! :D)

    if you just want to use a p2p search engine I suggest you install seeks
    (or you could use a site that uses it but I know of none :P) this is the
    download page (works
    on the most used linux based free systems), you can use it instead of
    google or stuff because it's really comfortable.

    otherwise try yacy ( it lets you index the sites you
    want and look among the sites indexed by others, not as comfortable as
    seeks but it's in java so it should work on any system that supprts java
    (gave me some troubles though)

    -I also put in easylazy steps how to install/set up seeks on ubuntu+firefox so you have no excuses for not trying it ;)

    open the terminal and do the following:

    >sudo add-apt-repository ppa:theli48/seeks
    >sudo apt-get update
    >sudo apt-get install seeks

    all done!

    now you go to your browser options and add localhost : 8250 as http proxy

    eg for firefox Edit>>>options>>>advanced>network
    click on network settings
    and on the line of http proxy type localhost under ip address and 8250 under port

    now to start using it you type http://s.s/websearch-hp. now add it to your search engine collection (in
    firefox just click on the search bar menu and you'll find "add seeks") and you may forget goodle of bing! have fun! :)

    -The project

    well, you could just use the p2p search from your pc and all well, but
    we can do more by setting up a community search engine, I am thinking of
    a small server that automatically indexes the community pages and some
    others that may be of interest (or simply all you can if your server is
    powerful enough) trough yacy AND sdds the yacy search to the seeks
    search, this way people with a simple browser can use seeks or yacy from
    the community page and the others will have the support of the local
    server (which is always online unlike  the other peers).

    ah and I suggest seks is added to the
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down December 2011
    woops "AND sdds the yacy search to the seeks
    search" means "AND add the yacy search to the seeks

    sorry I type fast :P

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