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CEB Press Manufacturing Instruction inconsistencies
  • Hello,

    I am attempting to create a working first draft of manufacturing instructions (in OpenOffice format) for the GVCS CEB Press, drawing on various information and instructions from the wiki and other places.  Unfortunately, upon getting to the very first actual manufacturing instructions for the Primary Arms, I have found what I perceive to be inconsistencies between two diagrams (which are supposed to be mirrors, according to the text, but aren't) and the actual text instructions (even beyond from the two arm diagrams not being mirrors).  I have noted the specific inconsistencies on the talk page for the CEB/Manufcaturing Instructions/Primary Arms article on the wiki:

    If someone actually at the Factor e Farm who is familiar with the construction of the current iteration of the CEB Press, I would appreciate them looking over and verifying whether either of the drawings or the text are correct (or none of the above).  I do have sufficient experience with Sketchup that I could, myself, save downloaded copies of either model and fix them (or create new models based on accurate manufacturing descriptions), so I don't need someone to actually do that if time is (as I understand) thin on site.

    I will attempt to avoid flooding the forum for any additional inconsistencies I find, but would appreciate information on who a good person on FeF would be to contact to address any such additional inconsistencies I find.  I understand Marcin himself is spread very thin, so hopefully someone with at least a little time on their hands to read and respond to e-mail would be great.

    Many thanks anyone and everyone who helps out on this.  GVCS x 50 by 2013!
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    September 2011
    I suggest you post this in the Discussion tab of the appropriate page or send someone email.  Bringing it up on the forums will not lead to a solution.

    - Mark

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