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Build numbering
  • It might sound silly, but I think adopting build numbers for different iterations of machine builds could be helpful, especially for developing documents to check and see if the documentation is up to date with the latest version of a machine's build.

    A simple build index number may be the best way to go, to start, changing when any part of the construction process is changed (even a smaller one).

    If this idea is already in place somehow, I apologize.  For now, I am referring in the documentation I am attempting to put together (I am trying to put the instructions together for building the CEB press into one word processing document for easy printing of the complete instructions, including bill of materials, etc.)

    Thank you for considering my idea!
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    September 2011
    I proposed this once.  No response.  The OSE documenters are not that organized - yet.

    - Mark
  • Wouldn't it be better to use a numbering similar to most software numbering schemes?


    where x is the main version und yy a subversion numbering for minimum changes?
    Then it would be clear, that most documentation/tutorials for eg. 4.17 are still useable if you want to build 4.18

    Usually documentation can't be reworked as fast as there are small changes with the design or the BOM.


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    Consistency and policing in these kind of matters is useful.  But where to find the policeperson?
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    September 2011
    >  But where to find the policeperson?

    Marcin owns this role until he delegates it.

    - Mark
  • A simple build # integer would make it easily for people working on documentation to quickly determine if they are describing the same build #.  The point of origin for them would be the actual machine builders.  It should be used on the CAD blueprints, on the wiki instructions, the working OpenOffice documents and the final published .PDFs.  I've already encountered an issue that one source (the wiki) seemed to have three different builds (its two CAD drawings and its textual build instructions seemed to each be for a different build, and were mutually inconsistent) just on the manufacture of a component of one machine.

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