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[Wiki] User: article convention proposal
  • I appreciate the decision that the people of OSE are important, and thus the people interested in OSE are encouraged to complete a Team Culturing Survey to put in their articles in the regular article space, instead of the User: space, but this unfortunately tends to leave a lot of empty (red) User: pages.

    For convenience finding article pages on users based on wiki article contribution lists (when you look at contributions to an article and see a user, which links to their usually empty User: article since most just use their regular article page), I propose self-voluntary convention for wiki users to insert a redirect in their User: article to point to their regular-space article.  As an example, I just did such, creating a redirect in my User:Howard V. Agnew article to point to my Howard Agnew article where my Team Culturing Survey resides.

    Thank you for the time reading and considering my proposal!

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