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  • As I have been incorporating the bill of materials in the Compressed Earth Block (/brick?) Press, its occurred to me a list of skills needed to build the machine may be useful to have (and for each machine we document; thus I have forked this out of the CEB-specific documentation thread).  It seems "no duh" that if welding equipment is listed among the tools to build the machine, that someone should know how to weld, but I've actually decided required skills should be listed before required tools on my theory that the most difficult things to acquire should be listed first, to help someone who downloaded the instruction document because they interested in building a machine determine if they have what they need to actually build it.  Its more difficult, I think, to learn to weld than it would be to buy welding equipment.

    Has there been any effort to come up with a list of needed skills to build the machines?  Does anyone feel this would be a bad idea, or needlessly unimportant?

    Thank you, everyone, for your input.
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    September 2011
    I think it's a good idea.  I have some of this in the steam engine documentation.

    - Mark
  • I was looking for something like this.
    Speaking as someone approaching the project as a beginner, I would find it useful.
    also: what are some of the basic welding methods used for the project? I have seen there are many types, but if I want to acquire the basic skill to start is there one someone would suggest?

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    November 2012
    Fantastic Idea, Howard !  Speaking for 'advanced beginners,'  the Required Skills List is my first consideration.  The two things that hold us back are 1.)  money; and 2.)  knowledge.  And the money is really not a problem with the right idea to fetch it !  For the right skills and knowledge, the money will line up and sign up !  Especially today...  
    GVCS - the life size lego set ?! - I Love It !!  I have two ears, two eyes, two hands, two legs and one mouth; and can't get started soon enough...

    John Martin
    (415) 328-7188

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