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3d Printing
  • I love 3d printing.  And I know we want to build a 3d printer as part of our global tool set.  MIT has supposedly created 3d printing that can use recycled milk jugs.  And they can alter concrete density to mimic bone structure:

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    September 2011
    Perhaps you are looking for this?
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    September 2011
    I saw several 3D printers at the Open Hardware Summit yesterday in NYC.  While the potential for them is huge, I don't think they are there quite yet.  Resolution is still limited, esp. in the Z-axis.  They are VERY slow.  I can accept that printing in 3D is going to be inherently longer than 2D, but six hours to print a 5" high model?  Sigh.

    - Mark

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    September 2011
    What about a open source plastic injection mold machine?  Make magazine did a article on one last week.  Instead of using machined aluminum they use aluminum powder and epoxy to make the molds.
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    September 2011
    Interesting idea, especially for creating small parts repeatedly.

  • Hi Gavin Palmer
                         I saw the video you shared. It is very interesting and amazing technology. I am also very enthusiastic about 3D Printing. I have been using 3Dsuffmaker printer nearly one year to make my creative ideas in to real 3D objects.
  • I believe that the choice between a 3D printer and plastic injection machine depends on your goals. The injector needs an expensive mold and after acquiring the mold you can make hundreds of plastic pieces quickly. The printer takes hours to complete a piece, but you can make completely different pieces each time without buying new molds. So if you want to open a factory and produce in large-scale, injection is better, but for those who want to produce prototypes or miscellaneous objects for personal use, the 3D printer would be the best solution.
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    December 2012
    Mold fabrication for small runs can be done rather cheaply using 2 part steel epoxy like JB weld or that high temp 2 part putty.
    That said, 3D printing is good for very complicated parts that would be nearly impossible to machine. It is also good for making sand casting molds. PLA burns out of a sand mold without much residue.
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    January 2013
    To solve both issues that are listed please go to this article and see how 1 person solved both problems using both a 3d printer and aluminum casting to create a viable solution to a custom problem.

    It seems that OSE is already investigating how to create PLA plastic.  Any number of 3d printers can print PLA.  Lost wax casting is a mature art/science and can be used to create detailed items without a problem.  Also you can cast the injection molds from a basic design.  Look at the final pictures of what was created as you can see the surface detail from the plastic mold made.

    "What Box?"
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