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bit of cheating, cheap, economic, stylish car
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    September 2011

    ok ladies and gentlement

    this is strictly cheating as it wont be opensource just yet, im hoping of making it or somthing else like it.

    my dads friend brought a car company years ago (1980s) and im thinking of putting it into limited production.

    it will need a complete mechanical redesign, using a more modern engine and gearbox

    what do you guys think about it?

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    September 2011
    Being 6'6" tall, my first thought was there's no way I'd fit into one of those ;)

    The specs confirm that it was never designed for me, either, and getting it to pass a legal DOT inspection at USA customs sounds like a challenge that is likely to be expensive?
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    September 2011
    i didnt think about the height thing. the converted version wouldnt have that problem, its not a convertable, it does have a roof at all nor other whether gear.

    it would need some modern-iseation but im sure with some help it could pass inspection?
    i also wouldnt have it going through customs as in importing it, too much energy to buy and build it in AUS and ship them 2 in a container. Id send a couple of moulds over and set up in say detroit and push them out of there

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