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Change default wiki theme
  • Quick and easy "feature request" for the wiki: I think i would be good to change default wiki theme from "Monoblock" to "Vector", like in Wikipedia.

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  • Any opinion about this?
  • Hi Eduardo,

    We could try it and see how it goes. However, it's not simply a matter of changing the name of the current theme. Configurations made to the current skin files (Google Translator widget, custom search link, maybe others) must be re-applied on the new files.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make these changes soon.
  • Thanks Elifarley.
    "Vector" theme is one of the more used themes, so maybe standard configurations works without problems.
    I think that the "modern" design of the vector theme will be good for the OSE project dissemination.

  • Standard configuration will work, but then we'll loose the Google Translator widget, the custom search region, and any other custom configurations made to the current skin file.

    Anyways, I'll eventually re-apply these custom changes to the Vector skin (probably on the same day that I update MediaWiki to the latest version).
  • A few days ago, I have set the default skin to "Vector".
    I've also customized the "Vector.php" to include the Google Translator Widget and a "Custom Search" button at the top, which by the way ended up looking better than they did in the previous (MonoBook) skin.


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