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Build a Grain Conveyor Belt to move earth for CEB's
  • To Whom It May concern,                                                                                                                       8/10/2011

    Hi, new to forum...I watched the CEB videos, and was wondering...since carrying and lifting the heavy buckets is one of the biggest problems, why don't you make use of grain conveyor-type machinery to move the soil into the hopper? It seems a rotating spiral going up a trough, or metal angle irons cut to the same length and attached to chain link on both sides, also positioned in a trough, would move the material faster.

     I have heard that the fastest way to move anything, water, earth, air, is by using a vortex of some sort. I grew up on a farm and used to watch the harvest process for hours. The grain 'elevator' on our farm took grain up at least fifty feet. Just wondering. Great site. VGR

    Thanks for listening,
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  • I thought of a lowtech option awhile back, which would be putting the CEB press next to a hill \ steps which could be made of the bricks themselves.

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