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Developing the organic architecture for our community portal

  • Eerik's proposed organic architecture (see another forum discussion on this) looks like a very good direction we should aim.

    So I'd like to invite all experienced web developers to express their ideas on what web framework we should adopt for this.

    Eerik has proposed Spip, but consensus couldn't be reached back then.

    To get the ball rolling, I would add Webb2py, Django, Pylons and Drupal as possibilities.

    Are you an experienced web developer? If so, which of these frameworks would you suggest, based on our specific needs? Should we try something else instead? What are the pros and cons for your suggested framework?

    See also:

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  • I think part of the reason why we are having trouble coming to consensus is that that we keep asking the question, "Is this a good tool and should we use it?"  To me, that's backwards.  Instead, we should be defining our criteria and requirements:
    • What do we need in a content management system?
    • What features should a forum have?
    • If we use a chat room should it have archiving?
    • etc.
    If we knew what we were looking for, then we could decide if particular tools meet those needs or how to compensate for their lack.  Our current approach is based on personal likes and experiences.  Naturally people's opinions differ. 

    Since you mentioned content hosting and management, I would suggest the following requirements:
    1. Easy upload
    2. Direct access to latest version via a URL - tiny URLs are a benefit.
    3. Versioning and version control.
    4. Hierarchical folders, categories, or collections
    5. Support for copyright and license notices
    6. Change notification via email
    7. Lock down support, access permissions
    8. Broad or universal media type support (images, video, documents, code, etc)
    Likely people can think of other requirements as well.

    - Mark


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