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  • I would like to gather ideas and suggestions for the OSE Oven.  I can design the electronics to be user friendly, innovative, and mod-friendly.  I will need help with the physical design and what materials to use.  Since there is no work started on this, lets brainstorm what specs this should have.  I am interested in hearing from anyone good at cooking or anyone who knows anything about oven construction.

    Should this be a large commercial oven, a standard sized home oven, or a tabletop oven?  Would it make sense to design all 3?
    I think the commercial oven would be appropriate for the 200 person GVCS village if there is going to be a central kitchen.  But for success of the OSE project I think we need a standard sized oven design because it can potentially be sold to more people.  A tabletop oven would be good because it will be affordable and we could sell a lot of them.

    We can use electric quartz heaters for high tech infrared heating.
    We can use propane or natural gas for more instant and cheaper heating.
    I am partial to using quartz because I know more about electric things than pipes with gas in them.

    Possible uses:
    Bake food (duh)
    Roast coffee beans, requires internal basket tumbler
    Rotisserie, requires internal spit
    Bake components onto PCBs, requires accurate temperature control, would work better in a tabletop oven.
    Bake clay things, would work better in a standard or commercial sized oven.

    Possible mods:
    Thermocouple probe that you can stick inside the oven into a chicken or loaf of bread, oven will alert when internal temperature is ready.  More accurate than using a set time.  High end ovens have this but using it is complicated.

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  • I think that a value of a larger oven is that it steps out of being a "home-support appliance" into something that can generate income by providing services to others.  In my personal opinion, none of the idealized OSE tools are aimed at individual users, but designed to plug into a larger economy or community context.
  • how about contacting the designer of this which was posted just today Could have them release the design under the CERN open hardware licence and be done with it.
  • I will have to take a look at how commercial ovens work, how they are hooked up, how much power is used, what regulations and certifications it needs.  I would like to talk with someone who works on commercial ovens and people who use commercial ovens and get their ideas.
  • I hope you are aware that a bakery oven is one of the GVCS-50 - see about two thirds of the way down the page.  There are no wiki pages for this project yet (that I'm aware of) so feel free to start creating them.  Have a look at and  I suspect that with good modular design, conventional ovens and bakery ovens can be built from modular parts - very much in keeping with OSE philosophy.

    - Mark


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