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CAD work for Liberator v2 -- Need criticism
  • Vote Up0Vote Down February 2011
    I've been doing some work on the Liberator v2 CEB Press, creating 3D CAD files so I can create good 2D working drawings and build instructions.
    It has been slow going, working from the 2D .DXF files I found, and trying to figure out what's what without any written instructions.
    Here's what I have so far. It's a 3D PDF. You should be able to open it with a recent version of Acrobat Reader, and it will let you pan and zoom the 3D model.
    I need folks who are familiar with the Liberator to take a look and see if I'm on the right track here.
    A little assistance with someone more familiar with the Liberator design process would really speed my work here.
    I'm anxious to get a "US/Inch" version of the drawings done as soon as possible, and move on to several Metric versions for different parts of the world (which have different steel shapes readily available).
    So please take a look and tell me what you think!
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down February 2011
    Here's an example of the kinds of working drawings I'm going to make for all the parts.
    Notice there's no title block or supporting documentation at this point. I would like to create an OSE standard titleblock with the proper Open Source license, but I'm not sure which license to use. 
    Also, is there a line-art or vector version of the OSE logo? 
    Please give me feedback, positive, negative or indifferent.
  • Having a OSE Titleblock is definitely something that will be needed. Would add a level of structure to the designs made by marcin et al. I'm sure there are plenty mockups online. Keep up the progress!
  • what program do you use to model with? those look really good. ive done a little drawing on google's sketchup but i dont think you can output schematics. i thought about getting the Pro edition but i thought i might think about something else if i was going start forking out money.
  • Ok Wolfrick, may I give you some suggestions?

    Some changes to your drawings would make them more standardized. For starters, giving a dimension to 3 decimal places suggests a level of precision of give or take 5 thousands of an inch typically. I'm sure that was not your intent....:) Only use those decimal places when they are needed. I think the vast majority of those dimensions should be fractional which suggests 1/16 inch tolerance.

    For instance, the square tube should not be 2.500, it should read 2 1/2. Especially since it is a nominal value in that case. Again, you have a thru hole dimension listed in decimal (.813). Drilled holes, unless they are to be reamed, are typically fractional. .813 is 13/16.

    I happen to be a machinist, so I understand 3/4-16 as a 3/4" thread with 16 threads per inch pitch. I think for the general public we should stick to simply stating whether the thread pitch is coarse or fine.

    Last but not least, I feel welding symbols are well beyond the scope of such a project. Simply say something like solid or interrupted weld.

    Judging by the quality of the graphics, you are abviously using a good program to produce these drawings. Keep up the good work.

    PS. I also have found the information needed to make a proper model and drawings to be very hard to gather. It seems there are bits here and there. A better way to handle the data needs to be found. I am ready to help with all this but have no idea where to start.


    The Dawg
  • heres the link to the drawings that i know of:
    i think theyre 2d, duno if you can tweak the old ones into 3d or have to start from scratch?

    and here is the page where once everything gets cleaned up and organized will be the main page for building the press
    we're startign to break things down by part. some pages have some stuff, most are empty right now till i or anyone gets some time to consolidate info into them.
    the links at the top of the page are some pages that have been made in the past. some have some useful info others are just kinda related

  • OK....Wolfrick, at what stage are you at exactly? Have things stalled? Can I help or take the torch from you? I saw somewhere else on the forum that you were tackling the bee hives also. Is there another mechanical project in need of drawings? Someone spin me in the right direction, I want to help.

    The Dawg
  • @Dawg Are you talking apiculture or is that some sort of machinist slang?
  • No slang. There was a call for drawings of a bee hive at some point. Rick seems to be busy at the moment. No replies yet.

    The Dawg

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