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Translations - Priorities
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    This discussion may be moved in "Web Infrastructure".

    Okay so I'm currently translating the Crash Course.

    What should be our next target ? What about the RepLab ?
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    It's nowhere near ready, but I'd love to have your help translating the build instructions for the Liberator into French once we get metric versions appropriate for the steel sizes available in the various French-speaking locations.
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    Good idea, but finding the corresponding measurements is not going to be a piece of cake !!!! I've been thinking that for rural Africa, there's may be some troubles to find the different elements to build such a machine and that human-powered machines would be more appropriate.

    A french reader told me the article Evolve to Freedom was a bit utopistic, pointing this paragraph as being over-the-top :

    "Raise the funds to buy a 10 acre plot of land and install an open source personal Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab). Pick up some scrap metal from the nearest junkyard and cast it,
    providing the raw materials you will need to build a technology base
    for you new community. A personal Fab Lab plus a computer with access
    to open source software and blueprints gives you the power to build
    your own machines with the click of a mouse and some wrench turning. It
    brings the economic power of automation and design efficiency into the
    hands of smallholders."

    It sounds too optimistic in my opinion too.
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    I hear what you're saying Etienne. It's not a small problem.
    But a rising tide lifts all boats. Once this idea takes hold, it can spread into areas where it couldn't arise on its own.
    And people can pick and choose pieces of the GVCS that appeal to them, or are most needed in their situations.
    The beauty of "open source" is that you can't predict how others will use or improve the tools, once they're released into the world.
    And don't worry about finding the dimensions; I'll do the legwork to determine the most prevalent sizes and shapes of steel available in whatever locale, so we can "localize" the designs for various places.
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    Okay, I see your point.

    I'm done with the first part of the Crash Course. Time to ZzzzzZ :-)
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    I thought Donate could be the next priority after the Crash Course as people may be quite enthusiasmic about OSE and they may be willing to contribute asap through donation.
    I'm still translating the Crash Course, though Donate-FR is completed.

    Awesome translation of CEB Press by Sourinux, thanks a lot !

    ZzzzzZ time...

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