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Patrick Gibbs: bioregionalism, cultural healing, Argentina
  • I integrate, I mediate, I help clarify visions, enable executives, meditate with grunt work and dishwashing.

    I want to weave together free/libre culture, edible electronic cicuitry, nature connection, and revolutionary love. In March 2011 I graduated from Gaia University with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative EcoSocial Design with a concentration in Bioregionalism and Self-Realizaiton. I'm in conversation with permaculture teachers and authors about releasing their works with libre licenses. I lived in Argentina for a year and I'm headed to Argentina and Chile in August-December 2011, where I want to spread Open Source Ecology and the Global Village Construction Set.

    For about 5 years I have focused on the human aspect of regeneration and cultural healing. I continue that, and I'm starting to do bioregional surveys to help people grow a sense of place, understanding the flow of their community, and from there design projects and lifeways that include cultural healing, fractal self-realization, free/libre/open everything, and solidarity economy. I need food, shelter, empathic and physical connection, transport. I need to collaborate, learn, heal, and feel well used.

    I'm visiting FLO Farm right now, and I started following the Factor e Farm website about three years ago (Joseph Zarr told me about it).

    Some of my writings live at, and my BSc portfolio lives at

    Please contact me if anything above resonates with you.
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  • The words "edible electronic circuitry" caught my eye.
  • I would suggest checking out Allan Savory's work: Holistic Management. Also the recent winner of the Buckminister Challenge had very similar goals to the ones you stated. They are called Blue Ventures.

  • Re: Holistic Management -- see Output 5: Integrative Governance in my BSc portfolio ( ) , in which I integrate Holistic Management with sociocracy, and look forward to adding Non-violent Communication / Compassionate Communication, Outcome Mapping, and other techniques. I want to help Factor e Farm use Holistic Management, especially right now as they're at a potentially-rapid infrastructure creation phase, and I'd like to see that happen in ways that support the whole system on the farm, rather than building things now that become liabilities instead of assets in a few years.
  • Awesome! It seemed right up your alley.
  • Hello Patrick.  These ideas resonate with me.  Well, the one's I understand anyway....:)  I am all about finding ways to build communities where all the basic needs are covered.  Freeing people to grow and evolve naturally.  Such a group of free thinkers could change the world.

    The Dawg

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