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Donor Vehicles
  • We're currently in the process of deciding which donor vehicles to use to construct the first OS Car prototype.  My ideas are an NA Miata for the front running gear, steering system, and a Honda Goldwing for the rear running gear.  Here's the wiki page with some basic ideas on the chassis design:
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  • Crank, I've read the  <> page and think I follow the logic of your donor choices for the car as Marcin has conceived it. I'll admit I disagree with some core aspects of his approach to this car, but hey, it's Marcin's project and there are many ways to achieve high efficiency mobility at low cost. So rather than rain on the parade, or inject my opinions of better ways to approach this, I'll provide what help I can without meddling.

    For the car as described on OSE's Car Concept page, the NA/NB Miata's front wheel/spindle/brake/steering has much going for it. For control arms, may I offer the drawings at...

    ...and there's a good bit of how-to info on them at...

    These components are in common use among sports car homebuilders, and they're cheap and easy to replicate. Best wishes to you all, and though the open source car project is dearest to my heart (probably because it's the project closest to my skill set) my best wishes apply to all your projects.

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