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Desctription of a fairly closed loop system: raised bed garden, chickens, rabbits
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  • Sorry, see the wiki. :p
    IAMA guy who dropped out from the rat race.txt 100K
  • Fantastic work OmniPheonix.

    We should contact this guy and see if he's interested in OSE.
  • The survivalist bit is fun information, but how well does this pattern of living scale up once you obtain responsibilities?

  • Responsibilities like what, Mr. Haynes?
  • I'm thinking things like family, pretty much anything that forces one do do more than just meet one's basic needs.  Things that push one beyond "Mostly read, browsing the web, talking/socializing with friends, and playing videogames."
  • Families have lived in a subsistence farming manner for all of human agrarian existence, so that responsibility doesn't change anything.  You need to scale up food production and housing so that you can feed and house more people, but compared to the main operation, that is incremental, particularly when they can actually help too.

    I think part of the whole point is that you are *not* forced to do more than meeting the basic needs of you and your family.  Were you thinking of anything in particular?

  • I can think of education, healthcare, clothing, and social needs.
  • Education - Information does not require money.  In fact, the internet is jamb packed not only with people enthusiastic about education but sharing their educational theories ideas and methods.  If you put forth a concerted effort in this regard with an internet connection, you should be able to enable a remarkable varied education for anybody.

    Healthcare - Most people don't require significant healthcare cost for the useful portion of their lives.  Broken bones, infections, and bugs are easily enough treated without massive expense - basic medical knowledge, antibiotics, sanitation, and good healthy food solves the survivability health care problem.  As for expensive things like treating-for-cancer (which you probably got because of stressful food/environment), expensive operations/transplants (mostly because you aren't eating and exercising healthy), and congenital defects (perhaps the removal of these from the gene pool isn't a bad thing) - I consider spending money on those things entirely optional.  As such, it is not a responsibility that you need to go work for the man in order to enable.  (And even if you DID decide you NEEDED high quality health insurance, you don't have work a particularly high paying job to afford it, if you don't have the OTHER expenses of a typical person)

    Clothing - this doesn't require notable money, just information.  You can either recycle other people's castoffs, or you can use information to create your own fabric and sew it together.

    Social needs - This is what the community is for, and why *I* personally, at least, advocate that living in communities is the way we should live.  We NEED social interaction, we need a place to be part of to be respected in, in order to fulfill our natural social order.  The guy in the wiki DOES mention friends and family a number of times, so obviously he has some.  Responsiblity for friends and family?  The ability of hands and the generosity of advice is available from everybody, if they choose to give it.  This is no responsibility that is a burden due to lack of dollars.


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