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Penn State OSE Independent Study
  • Hey,

    My names Mike Ghen and I go to Penn State. I'm a sophomore computer science and engineering major. I just watched the TED talk about this and really liked the whole idea. I'm taking a class at Penn State this fall entitled "Engineering Social Entrepreneurship" taught by this great professor who has already developed some really successful projects/businesses (check out I noticed on your wiki under the current task section you have "Negotiate independent study projects with students at colleges and universities" and I'd just like to say I'd love to negotiate an independent study. I'd really like to help develop some innovative software platforms for collaboration.

    Please let me know if this is a possibility. It's really something I'd love to work on and I know several other students who'd be interested in this as well.


    Mike Ghen

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  • It is definitely a possibility.  Normally I would shoot you my email and CC a few guys to figure it out there, but let's make it a forum discussion so that there is a record for posterity.  
  • Hi Mike,

    Would you be interested in a Dedicated Project Visit as part of an independent study ?
  • Elifarley,

    Yeah that sounds awesome actually. It be great to see exactly whats going on so that I can get a feel for how to develop a platform for collaboration between other people working on this project. What exactly do you need from me?

  • Hi Mike. We're neighbors - kinda.

    We've got a small team of folks putting together an OSE workshop in Eastern PA around Honesdale.  We're going to be building wooden shelter starting next week when our alaskan mill arrives and hope to be producing powercubes by winter.  If you wanna hang out with a bunch of OSE fans/fabricators in PA, come out to flofarm this summer.  If you can get your university to give you credit to go to factor e farm, you'll be the luckiest college student in the world.
  • @devin

    You guys are not all that far from me, either.  I live north of Binghamton, NY in Candor, NY.  If you are doing an OSE work shop this summer, please let me know.  I'll drive down if the day is open.

    Send me email at markjnorton [at] earthlink[dot] net

    - Mark Norton


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