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Using templates - message from Trenton Cronholm
  • your openid login is broken.

    Deprecated: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in /home/marcin_ose/ on line 1184

    Deprecated: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in /home/marcin_ose/ on line 416

    I can help you guys with some basic formatting and template things to make the whole presentation of your wiki cleaner.
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  • Hi Trenton,
    Thanks for your offer. How would it work? You'd edit our wiki skin ?
    Regarding the OpenID login, it is working, even though you see a deprecation warning at the top of the screen.
  • Morning Elifarley,
    Yeah I finally got it to work, but there is some seriously heavy latency with the wiki. I used to edit wikipedia quite extensively so I know my way around the code. I have access to some features that you might not have, like auto editing tools and the like. For starters though I think just making a few clean looking templates and layering some of the navigation would do wonders. And of course the wish list needs addressing as well.I am not sure what I'll address first since my exploratory navigation is progressing slowly. Is the response lag a problem on your end or a problem with mediawiki?
    As for the actual skin itself, I don't think that is as important as presenting content in a coherent way. There are ways to fiddle with it of course, but that will definitely be later down the line.
    - Trenton
  • Good morning !
    The wiki feels reasonably fast to me. Maybe it was a temporary slowness.
    Please take a look at our prototype main page at
    This page will probably replace the current one soon.
    Would you have any suggestions on how to improve that ?
  • Well it is certainly a step in the right direction. The main problem with it is the fact that it is hand coded. I don't have permission toimport code in your namespace but here is a link that explains how.
    If you import relevant templates it will make the process of editing and streamlining design changes a one click affair. The alternative is coding each page and headerbox by hand. I have attached some example pictures of what I mean. All that code that creates those boxes can be executed simply, and what is great is that most of the legwork has already been done in other wikis.
    Religion - Wikipedia.png 57K
    View source - Wikipedia.png 27K
    Editing Main page ekopedia-like - Open Source Ecology.png 66K

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