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Web Infrastructure Forum writeable by team members
  • All,

    We are in the process of reorganizing the forums so that each PivotalTracker project has a matching forum. The idea is to give a public space for remotely located members of an agile team to hold discussions. While these will be readable by the public, these will be writeable only by the team as a matter of practicality. 

    This web infrastructure forum is the first of a few to be set up in this way. 

    There will be still be a public forum for general discussions, and forums for true fans. This is part of the larger discussion concerning the revision of the Forum Policy. Please see:

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  • Yes, I can how this would lead to a gradual roll-out of the new forum polices.  Works for me.

    - Mark
  • And for discussing IT issues and web infrastructure issues in general, anyone can post at

    Discussions started there can be moved here if necessary (and the person who started the discussion can also be invited to the core IT team so that he/she can post here).
  • I'll move older discussions found at this category (OSE IT - Core Team) to the public IT category, since they are not part of the Pivotal Project mentioned.

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