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  • I am making a quick post to start a forum discussion before too many people are forced to start making new IDs.  I spend most of my pittance of free time on the forum and do not get to the wiki too often.  There is rumor going around that the OpenID login has not been working well with the wiki (I found myself unable to get onto the wiki myself).  Has anyone else encountered this and how have they addressed it?
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  • To follow up, I found I was able to create a user account with the same name as my previous account.
  • Just to be more precise: you were able to re-associate your OpenID with your existing wiki account (so no new wiki account was created).

    It seems that after the domain name was changed to, all users will have to re-associate their OpenIDs with their existing wiki accounts... (I was hoping that there would be no need to re-associate anything).

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